Welcome to the end…Well, the end of another year of craziness. Doesn’t it seem pretty insane in the world–STILL?  

I’m hoping to find my way into some kind of acceptance of life as it is. You probably know that I am a huge fan of Awareness, Acceptance, Action. (Remember, they have to go in order if you want them to change your life. It helps to put a “then” between each word.)  

Let me just say, “I AM AWARE.”

I’m aware I have a little FOGO (see my blog from last summer here.)

I’m aware that there is a new normal and it’s time to let go of the fantasy of a return. 

I’m aware that “new normals” are the nature of evolution and though I prefer that things don’t change so much, I embrace growth and “evolution.”


Acceptance requires a certain amount of grace and humility. It means I need to turn it over. Please don’t ask me to whom or what. I know in my life that it doesn’t matter. Turning it over is my act of faith that I am not actually going to die (or some version of dread) if I let go of control. Turning it over means having faith that the world will continue to spin, and I won’t fall off if I stop white-knuckling it. 

Hmmm…maybe Gravity can be my higher power. I jest. I do believe in a higher power that is beyond my conscious self. I just don’t always act that way.  

I feel safer if I control my environment because I am guarding my arousal level to prevent overarousal, aka overwhelm.   

Well, friends, we do need structure, rhythm, and routine. But, we can design a life that holds these qualities without white knuckling the control. That’s what helps me have acceptance. Of course the more I meditate, move, and sleep, the easier it all is. And…the more I binge on sugar, TV, and self-indulgence in whatever, the harder it is.   

I hope you can see in this rant that I am by no means on top of my game here. I’m just slogging along through the mud learning from all of you as I go. But, I do re-commit to re-set and re-solve all of this…not just because it’s a new year, but because it’s a new morning.   

If you could use some support on your journey, please reach out. A great way to start is to check out one of our upcoming events.   

I can’t wait to see you there.   

I’m wishing you a blessed and accepting new year,


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