Are you open to talking about alternative relationship dynamics?
Yes! I hold a nonjudgmental attitude toward sexuality. Whether you have one partner or many, or if you are looking for a partner with similar preferences, I can help you clarify what a healthy dynamic looks like for you. I am fully supportive of your needs and overall well-being.
Do you work with LGBTQ+ couples and families?
Yes, I often work with diverse LGBTQ+ families.
Do you work with alternative family structures?
Yes! I am familiar with non-traditional family structures. I understand how diverse parenting and family relationships work. A variety of different types of relationships can be part of LGBTQ families and can present unique gifts and challenges. I will be sensitive to diverse experiences and relationships in all of my couples, relationship, family, and individual counseling.
Do you work with transgender clients or those struggling with gender identity?
Yes! I am specifically trained to work with transgender clients. Whether you are questioning your gender identity, going through the process of transitioning, or thriving as a trans individual, I will be affirmative of your identity and supportive every step along the way.
What is your approach to bisexuality? / Do you believe in bisexuality?
I believe that sexuality exists on a spectrum, and every individual falls somewhere on that spectrum. Because sexuality is not black and white, I respect each individual’s sexual orientation and hold no judgments toward anyone who identifies as bisexual, asexual, questioning, or any other orientation or identity.
What if I’m not ready to come out?
I deeply respect where each person is in their journey; and if you are not out or ready to come out, that’s okay. I will support you and guide you with compassion and understanding, not push you or rush your coming out process. Your journey is yours.

Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

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