How many times in your life have you heard –

You are just too sensitive.

You need to toughen up.

Are you crying again?

You’re hypersensitive.

Why is everything always about you?


I’m so tired of having so many feelings ALL THE TIME.

I don’t want to be so sensitive.

I’m too sensitive.

I hate people.

I can’t do it.

I’m so overwhelmed?


Do you lose it and fall into tears or isolate yourself because it’s just too much?

I get it.

Let me help you learn to manage your exquisite, finely tuned nervous system.

You can transform your sensitivity into the strength you need to create the perfect environment to become the beautiful, exotic, unique orchid.

ALL STRESS IS challenging for orchids (highly sensitive people – adults and kids).


Learning to manage the stressors and take great care of yourself will show you that there is only one disadvantage to being highly sensitive: Overstimulation.


I can help you learn to transform your sensitivity into your superpower.

It takes a little time to learn to thrive; but once you do, your life will improve, even beyond your wildest dreams.

I’ve been there.

I’ve heard and thought all of these things. How did I survive and thrive? It has never been a cakewalk, but I’ve been gifted many opportunities to transform my sensitivity into my superpower.

One way I’ve done this is by “reframing my childhood” – one of the HSP Five to Thrive:

  • I grew up with horses on a ranch in Oklahoma. The two rules I remember were don’t go barefoot in the barn and be home before dark. There is nothing better for a highly sensitive child than time in nature and responsibility with animals. Animals really listen, and they don’t talk too much.
  • As an introvert, I needed less social time. And with an introverted mom, I was allowed lots of time alone – she understood – even when the other moms or kids might not have.
  • An alternative elementary school helped as well. Starting in first grade, I attended the first open classroom public elementary school in Oklahoma. I was allowed to find a quiet corner away from fluorescent lights, noise, and all the other kids to do my work. It was a blessing.
  • I’m not going to lie; adolescence is hard – take all the HSP brain reactivity, intense feelings, and deep processing, and add to that the intensity of puberty hormones and BOOM – life explodes. I cried many days of my teens. But as my mentor, Dr. Elaine Aron, tells us, crying is normal and healthy for HSPs. In fact, it means Emotional Leadership is in action.
  • I’m also so blessed that in my early twenties, my first roommates after college were all in 12-step programs. Those amazing women hauled me to my first Al Anon meeting. (I come from generations of alcoholism – the American national illness, in my opinion.) Al Anon taught me to practice radical self-care, take things less personally, keep the focus on myself, and try to change only the things I can actually change. Turns out those were great lessons for this ORCHID CHILD.

So, I got to spend my entire adulthood with tools for living.

These were the skills that were life savers for me.

But just because I had skills and did actually thrive doesn’t mean it was all easy.

Being highly sensitive is still a challenge for me. When the stumbling blocks of life come, I don’t just stumble.

Sometimes, I’ve been known to face-plant. And that hurts!

I want to help you get back up and walk with your face in the sunshine. I know how to do that. It takes some work. But when I help you learn and tackle the HSP or Orchid Five to Thrive, you, too, will come to a place of rejoicing in your beautifully exquisite sensitive brain. If you are still reading, you are already on your way.

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