Alane Freund is a compelling, engaging, and inspiring speaker who strives to create dialogue, provide tools, and shift community awareness about the trait of high sensitivity and about honoring difference.


Alane Freund’s live Q&A webinars for Highly Sensitive People and Parents Who Are Sensitive and/or Raising Highly Sensitive ChildrenJoin our membership to post your questions and get recordings of every call. Or attend live at 11am PST  Register here: Are You Highly Sensitive LIVE membership webinars. Live Q&A.

June 5, 2020
11am PDT

Extroverts Welcome, and Introverts, Too. Special guest, Jacquelyn Strickland, LPC, is also an International Consultant on High Sensitivity colleague and a sensitive extrovert. I invited her to join us to share her expertise. I like to think of extroverting and introverting as verbs, but most of us find ourselves leaning more in one direction or the other. What are our shared and diverse experiences? How can our community support each another? Jacquelyn is the founder and director of HSP Gathering Retreats and has decades of experience in supporting highly sensitive people. We’ll have fun and learn a ton. Register here.

June 15, 2020
11am PDT

Working with Trauma: Healing Past Trauma and Preventing Trauma Moving Forward. Healing the past and prevention of trauma both fall into the highly sensitive person’s Five to Thrive. I often talk about the first person we have to parent being ourselves…and our brains! So we will apply the discussion of trauma in children to all of the kids in our lives: The child we were, the brain we get to live with now, and the young people we may be raising or raised the past. So much parenting required! Did you know you were signing up for this? Hey, as long as we are willing to take charge, we can work with trauma in all of these scenarios. This will not be therapy, but rather education and discussion. If you are currently working with trauma, it is absolutely critical that you have a qualified, HSP-friendly mental health provider supporting you.  Register here

July 10, 2020
11am PDT

Boundaries Are the Key to HSP Self-Care. Special guest, April Snow, LMFT, and creator of the Highly Sensitive Therapist Facebook community, will join us to discuss her favorite topic and Alane’s, too. Sometimes the HSP’s high empathy makes us give and give and care and care for others, maybe losing sight of our own needs. Have you ever gotten to the point where you hit a wall and discovered you went too far, ignored your own needs too long? Sometimes when that happens we feel like we have to suddenly throw up 20 foot concrete walls…or we fall apart in exhaustion and sorrow. Some place in between we have to find our healthy boundaries even though it can be uncomfortable to express our need for them to our partners, kids, workplaces, or friends. Let’s dig in and talk about the challenges and the successes. We can practice, and Alane will present her “Speaking Volumes” technique for HSPs.  Register here

Alane Freund’s Other Upcoming Webinars & Online Events

June 10th, 2020 Leading Edge Seminars presents an online discussion and Q&A with Alane Freund, ICHS, at Noon, Eastern Time.

Mental Health Professionals: All workshops offer continuing education credits.

POSTPONED – May 1-3, 2020: HSPs and Horses Workshop NEW DATES Join 8-10 HSPs, a herd of HSHs (highly sensitive horses), Elaine Aron, and Alane Freund for an intimate, deep, soothing, healing weekend in northern California. Email Alane with questions and register here. Read more about  HSPs and Horses here or

POSTPONED – June 7, 2020: Sensitive Families: The Highly Sensitive Parent and Child, a new workshop based on Elaine Aron’s new book, The Highly Sensitive Parent. Daylong workshop for parents and professionals with Elaine Aron and Alane Freund. Registration information coming soon.

POSTPONED – June 5-7, 2020: Highly Sensitive People: Celebrate Your Hidden Advantage and the 25th Anniversary of The Highly Sensitive Person at 1440 Multiversity.  We plan to truly celebrate how far HSPs have come, including new research. And for returnees, there will be special activities and a screening of Sensitive and in Love. Alane will do a bit more of the actual presenting, but Elaine will speak and answer Qs, and be there the entire weekend. Registration opens at their website soon.

June 22nd, 2020  1-4pm, Leading Edge Continuing Education for Clinicians, presents Alane Freund, ICHS, Therapy with Highly Sensitive People and Sensitivity to the Environment. A three hour, online continuing education workshop for mental health professionals. The price is $60 Canadian, so very affordable. We will have ample time for discussion and questions. Case consultation is welcome. 

Daylong Workshop for HSPs October 24, 2020 10 to 5 pm, California Institute of Integral Studies in Francisco (The information for registration is not yet up.) Elaine Aron and Alane Freund.  Continuing education units available.

November 20-22, 2020: Highly Sensitive People: Celebrate Your Hidden Advantage and the 25th Anniversary of The Highly Sensitive Person at Kripalu Retreat Center in Massachusetts. We plan to truly celebrate how far HSPs have come, including new research. And for returnees, there will be special activities and a screening of Sensitive and in Love. Alane will facilitate this workshop and Elaine Aron will give the keynote address and answer questions via Skype. Registration opens at their website soon.

Sounds True continues to sell “The Highly Sensitive Person’s Complete Learning Program,” [link] 10 hours of Elaine Aron speaking on all things HSP. There are continuing education credits for those who need them in their profession.


Workshops Taught by Alane Freund

  • School-based Competencies for Supporting Highly Sensitive Children and Teens.
  • Parent Education on the Trait of High Sensitivity
  • Highly Sensitive Therapists Retreat, Menla Retreat Center
  • Weekend for Highly Sensitive People: Appreciate Your Hidden Advantage
  • HSP Self-Care Immersion: A Deeper Exploration of Your Sensitive Advantage
  • Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child and Teen
  • Queer ≠ Strange: A Diversity and Competency Workshop on the LGBT Communities for Health, Education, and Business Professionals
  • Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Association Annual Conference: Understanding Eagala-Model work with Highly Sensitive People

Equine-assisted Workshops in Collaboration with Heart and Mind Equine

  • HSPs & Horses: Intro Weekend Retreat
  • HSPs & Horses: Deepening into Ourselves (advanced retreat)
  • HSPs & Horses Weeklong Retreat (Intro and Deepening in one week)
  • Clinicians’ CE Credit and Training is offered at all HSPs & Horses
  • Countertransference and Therapeutic Alignment: An Equine-assisted Experiential Workshop for Mental Health Professionals
  • Graceful Boundaries: Ranking and Linking in Work and Personal Relationships
  • Referral Marketing & Networking: Attracting, Developing, & Prospering: Half-day and full-day workshops.
  • Youth Leadership Program: Weekly Ecotherapy and Leadership groups and daylong retreats for tweens and teens (middle school and high school)
  • HSP Empowerment Program

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