Alane Freund is a compelling, engaging, and inspiring speaker who strives to create dialogue, provide tools, and shift community awareness about the trait of high sensitivity and about honoring difference.


Mental Health Professionals: All workshops offer continuing education credits.

January 28th (4pm PST, 7pm EST, and Friday morning Asia and Australia) — HSP’s & Relationships: Valentine’s Day is around the corner…are you feeling it? How is your sensitivity impacting your relationship? We’ll talk about it all. Register for the circle here.

February 5th (Note our new time 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT) — LOVE: The HSP Gift and Growth Opportunity: You know I just love LOVE. Check out my February 2020 blog on love hereBut love can be painful for HSPs. We love so deeply and so many things. And often our love is misunderstood or misdirected. Even when love works well for us, we can find ourselves disappointed, overwhelmed, or uncertain. Love for ourselves is often the hardest (yet the most important.) And Leadership is one foundation of Love—we even teach a workshop called the Language of Love and Leadership. Does it seem like these two things don’t work together? Au contraire my dear ones, one of the most loving things we can offer ourselves and our loved ones is enough leadership to be clear about what we need and how we express our needs. Hmmm. That’s can be hard stuff for big hearted sensitive people who feel so much empathy for others. Let’s talk about it. Bring your questions and maybe join us the week before for the HSPs & Relationships coaching circle (see above.) Register for the webinar here.


HSPs & Parents of Sensitive Youth: 1st Mondays, 9am PST/Noon EST/5pm GMT & 2nd Thursdays 1pm PST/4pm EST/Friday morning in Australia

Alane Freund offers several coaching circles each month, a smaller community with very personalized help addressing your concerns or challenges. Alane focusses on solutions—the ones that work for you—and we all might share our experience, strength, and hope with each other. Circles include: Parenting Sensitivity, HSPs in Relationships, HSPs at Work, Wise, Women & Wonder (women over 50). Please visit us on Eventbrite for more information and to register for our HSP Circles. If we are between sessions for the circle you are searching, please email us for more information: [email protected] Some circles require an intake interview before receiving a registration link. Parenting and relationship circles are open.

HSPs and Relationships: Every 4th Thursday, 4pm PST/7pm EST

Highly Sensitive People are different than those without the trait in terms of intimate relationships. We want and need to have deep intimate connections with both friends and romantic partners. Relationships with other HSPs and with 80 percenters both hold special challenges. But, we must also add in consideration of the other temperaments and personality traits, sex and gender, family of origin, introversion (70% of HSPs) and extroversion, and more, in order to understand who and how we are in relationship. Research shows that couples who understand personality and temperament in themselves and their partners are significantly more successful as couples. Each member of our circle will be invited to share a challenge and receive experience, strength, and hope from coach and family therapist, Alane Freund. We will focus on support and solutions shared as a community. Space is limited to 8 participants in each circle. To reserve ongoing spots, please purchase in advance.

Wise Women & Wonder (Time tbd, but possibly start with first Sundays at 9am PST, Noon EST, 5pm GMT)

Highly Sensitive Women (HSW) 50+ are invited to join in a monthly coaching circle offering community with support and solutions guided by coach and therapist, Alane Freund. Wise Women in our past circles have Wondered about friendship, connection, loneliness, life changes, relationships, adult children, dating, divorcing, loss, creativity, finding purpose, changing bodies, spirituality, meditation, mindful living, well, you get the picture. Bring your wisdom and wonder to share with us. When the pandemic is controlled, we will plan a retreat for the Wise Women so we can all gather together in person for a full day or weekend retreat.

HSPs & Work (5 weeks in a row…on Fridays at 9am PST, Noon EST, 5pm GMT–though it might change. Starting the 2nd Friday of February.

Highly Sensitive People can experience the highest level of success professionally, but it takes a toll on us. How do we survive the stressors and learn to thrive in our professional lives? One of the most important tools for thriving as HSProfessionals is community, so I hope you will join our community in this coaching circle. Research shows HSPs experience more stress and less job satisfaction, yet receive better performance reviews than those without the trait. This can really create a Catch-22 for us unless we adapt our work life and create environments and relationships that support us and our success. So join us for a five-week series of developing community, sharing strategies, and receiving coaching from International Consultant on High Sensitivity and HSProfessional, Alane Freund, MS, MA.

Workshops Taught by Alane Freund

  • School-based Competencies for Supporting Highly Sensitive Children and Teens.
  • Parent Education on the Trait of High Sensitivity
  • Highly Sensitive Therapists Retreat, Menla Retreat Center
  • Weekend for Highly Sensitive People: Appreciate Your Hidden Advantage
  • HSP Self-Care Immersion: A Deeper Exploration of Your Sensitive Advantage
  • Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child and Teen
  • Queer ≠ Strange: A Diversity and Competency Workshop on the LGBT Communities for Health, Education, and Business Professionals
  • Equine-Assisted Growth and Learning Association Annual Conference: Understanding Eagala-Model work with Highly Sensitive People

Equine-assisted Workshops in Collaboration with Heart and Mind Equine

  • HSPs & Horses: Intro Weekend Retreat
  • HSPs & Horses: Deepening into Ourselves (advanced retreat)
  • HSPs & Horses Weeklong Retreat (Intro and Deepening in one week)
  • Clinicians’ CE Credit and Training is offered at all HSPs & Horses
  • Countertransference and Therapeutic Alignment: An Equine-assisted Experiential Workshop for Mental Health Professionals
  • Graceful Boundaries: Ranking and Linking in Work and Personal Relationships
  • Referral Marketing & Networking: Attracting, Developing, & Prospering: Half-day and full-day workshops.
  • Youth Leadership Program: Weekly Ecotherapy and Leadership groups and daylong retreats for tweens and teens (middle school and high school)
  • HSP Empowerment Program

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