Growing up we all have role models and individuals whom we idolize.

They might be our immediate family members, other adults, or peers we meet along the way.

We also have the vivid media presenting figures we idolize or find ourselves attracted to. For young boys and girls who are innately gay or non-binary, this becomes a confusing time.

Identifying with our peers and role models is an important part of development. What happens if we don’t see ourselves, or we see role models that don’t quite fit who we are becoming?

Rainbow Canary?

I call highly sensitive LGBTQ+ folx, or HSQ, Rainbow Canaries, terminology from my work with fellow HSQ therapist, Brian Torres, LMFT. When you are a Rainbow Canary, your story is more complex and yet it makes more sense! We love to support Rainbow Canaries in our HSQ Sensitivity Circles meeting once a month. Contact us or go to our EVENTS page to find the next meeting.

Maybe the roles we are told to play don’t feel quite right…

How are adolescents supposed to navigate this minefield of emotions and messages?

These unique questions and conflicts often need to be processed to have healthy, integrated self-identity and relationships.

Proudly Serving my Community

Over the decades of being a psychotherapist who practices in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have built a large and diverse clientele of both straight and gay people.

Although the basic tenets of psychotherapy are the same for all people throughout the life cycle, I find that the issues confronting the LGBTQ community are particularly unique.

I am committed to helping my community thrive.

My unique toolset will always be present in all our work.

Decades of personal and professional experience, open-hearted compassion, authenticity, heart-mind connection, an agent of change, deep acceptance, and moving beyond our internalized homophobia and transphobia.

I have worked extensively with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities, providing individual, couples, and family therapy in addition to teaching cultural competency training for health, education, and business professionals on understanding, supporting, and honoring LGBTQ community members.

Cultural Competency Training

Deep Support While Striving for Growth

I am well-trained in both psychotherapeutic skills and intersecting oppression related to identity, class, race, gender, size, sexuality, ability, and more.

You can count on me to bring both the psychotherapeutic and oppression lens into the room while we are working together.

I serve many communities that have been marginalized and misunderstood, including queer, LGBT, people of color, transgender, and differently abled folks.

Treating Everyone as an Individual

Although lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) individuals share some universal issues, their particular concerns are unique.

Many LGBTQ individuals feel more comfortable with a therapist who is both familiar with these issues and accepting, supportive, and encouraging during treatment.

That is me.

I provide affirmative counseling.

I share in the belief that there is nothing inherently wrong with being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

This is a safe environment for you, and I am prepared to address the complexities of your world.

I get it, let’s talk.

For some individuals, sexual orientation and identity issues may be the cause for depression, anxiety, or other emotional stressors. I will be sure to address this in our work together.

Others may wish to focus on other issues, such as trauma, but still work with an understanding, nonjudgmental therapist.

Either way, we will focus on your specific individual needs and life problems to equip you with the tools you need to thrive.

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Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

Listen to a short talk on it.