Highly Sensitive People

There are 1.5 billion highly sensitive people on the planet.

If you find you are highly sensitive, or your child is, you are definitely not alone.
We are the Orchids.

The Struggle is Real for us Orchids

Maybe you’ve noticed that you or your sensitive family member is NOT FUN on NOT ENOUGH SLEEP.

Orchids are more sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations. They need a very balanced diet with almost no caffeine and sugar.

Once an orchid gets run down or stressed out, we are more likely to become ill or injured.

Your Sensitivity is Your Superpower!

  • You think deeply about things.
  • You come up with solutions to problems big and small.
  • You appreciate beauty and feel exquisite empathy for others, including animals and the planet.

Orchids need plenty of fresh air, exercise, sleep, nutritious frequent meals, and DOWN TIME. With these, an orchid will visit the doctor less – have fewer injuries and less illness.

When you get too stressed out or anxious or overwhelmed, you can’t find your own answers.

Too Much – Too Overwhelmed – Too Perfectionist


Your Sensitivity is your Superpower!


REMEMBER ORCHID: It isn’t as hard as you think it is.

2 Strategies in Over 100 Species

There are two strategies for how people (and animals) behave in the world (research by Wolf et al, 2009):

Do it right and do it once.

Responsive, reflective, reactive, sensitive


Go for it; if wrong, go for it again.

Nonresponsive, impulsive, low reactivity, non-sensitive

Orchids, or highly sensitive people, are the first group.

We are careful and deliberate about actions before we do it.

We can advise the more impulsive dandelions and guide the community or the culture to wise action. AND guess what?

All that crying or worrying… it’s called EMOTIONAL LEADERSHIP.

Orchids are also canaries. When the orchid child is becoming overtired or overstimulated, it’s likely true that the rest of the children in the family or classroom will soon follow.

More time, more sleep, more time in nature, more frequent healthy meals, all of these things that help orchid children thrive are actually good for all people.

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Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

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