How do we “inoculate our neural pathways” to hang on to the good stuff we learned and experienced during the pandemic? Many people in the world are still immersed in “pandemic conditions” while some are moving through and out. Where are you right now? (My writing assignment from Jim Baldwin, my editor. Learn more about Jim and his offerings.) Summer 2021, I invite you to join me in his weekly (free) Write Your Way series.

As a highly sensitive person, I have struggled with FOGO this year (the fear of going out) and the many decisions I have to make each day about exposure, overwhelm, self-care, getting vaccinated, and more. 

Many aspects of pandemic conditions worked for me. I did less and saw fewer people, even though I grocery shopped for close friends. I drove my car so much less and wore way fewer clothes. I don’t feel the tremendous pressure and excitement I see among the 80% (of at least Americans) who are ebullient with freedom. I still feel worried.

I thought long and hard and worried a TON about getting the vaccine. As a baby, I experienced an anaphylactic reaction to a vaccine. I consulted my holistic health care providers and even a friend who is a psychic. ALL of them said, go for it, you’ll be good. And, still, I worried. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I eventually did get the vaccine, and it was hard for me. I was tired from it for a few weeks at least. But, it wasn’t earth-shaking. I used (and still am) lots of good supplements, lots of extra rest, and even extra time off to cope. In case you are curious, I decided on Pfizer as the best choice for me.

Why did I finally go for it? I mean, I have a very safe life so I didn’t feel like I NEEDED the vaccine: I see some clients in person, but always outdoors. I wear a mask everywhere I go, but in the end, I decided I want to feel safe when I travel and fly. That is the one place that I felt really scared and unsafe (on airplanes and in airports.) Since I’m highly sensitive, I analyzed and processed ALL of the risks on planes. I found myself obsessing about my seatmates and raging when they took a drink of water mask free. It was making me crazy (and poor them.)

I have parents in their 80s who live far away, and I want to feel safe to decide to visit them any time I feel like it. Even with the vaccine, I don’t feel all the way safe. Am I worried for no reason? Probably, but I am always thinking…maybe you are too. I respect your decision whatever it may be. What is important, I think, is that we all research and think and walk our best spiritual path to make the right decision for our own families.

Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

Listen to a short talk on it.