What if children could be “depression-proof”? What if someone had depression-proofed you? Is it possible to prevent depression?

It’s not that HSPs are more likely to have bouts of depression… YET

We kinda are. If a sensitive person’s childhood is lacking in enough (enough whatever the child needs: understanding, support, love, peace) or has too many stressors… WELL

Depression and anxiety are sadly more likely to creep up on us as older youth and adults.

Children of mothers with recurrent depression (even children who are not HS) are more likely to experience depression,,, BUT

There is a magic pill — a preventative and a cure. Research is now available and clear about how we can prevent depression in youth.

Raising youth with spirituality helps prevent mental illness… WOW

But, how? Is religion teaching children and youth spirituality? Are families? Are communities? Maybe most importantly:

IS THE INTERNET teaching spirituality?

Please join me on April 21st for a masterclass on the reasons and the methods for:

What does spirituality even mean when we are raising highly sensitive children? It means navigating challenge within a system that CARES. 

Spirituality is not the same as religion, but religion does (did) provide a structure for teaching children about spirituality, faith, and morals–all very important touchstones for growing up.

In today’s world, many families have lost touch with the religion of their ancestors. Even if a family still embraces religion, it is usually not the central guiding force of a child’s life as it may have been in generations past.

That might be a good thing, too. Many highly sensitive people report that religion played a part in their childhood trauma. It doesn’t have to be that way, but often it was. Why? Highly sensitive brains process deeply and have strong emotional responses. They need spirituality (or religion) that can flex with their creativity of thought and experience

The bottom line:

Parents are responsible for helping sensitive youth develop a spiritual awareness.

Raising a sensitive child with an active and positive relationship to spirituality and faith in a power greater than themselves (such as nature, spirit, the divine, a religious icon, or the universe) will make all the difference.

Inner life is one of the key elements to a highly sensitive person’s ability to thrive. And the research on the importance of spirituality in the life of a child is undeniable.

Spiritual children are [According to Lisa Miller, PhD, in The Spiritual Child, 2015]:

  • 40% less likely to use and abuse substances.
  • 60% less likely to be depressed as teenagers.
  • 80% less likely to have dangerous or unprotected sex.
  • MORE likely to have positive markers for thriving.
  • MORE likely to have high levels of academic success. 

Spiritual practice can look many ways. It can look like breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, ritual, blessings, service, prayer, and honoring the earth or the ancestors.

There is no one technique for raising a spiritual child. It can include religion or not, but it must honor the child’s unique worldview as a sensitive being.

In this masterclass, we will explore the research as well as techniques for bringing a greater spiritual awareness and connectivity into family life for children from infant through young adults. A child’s spiritual life begins before birth and continues through the lifespan.

HSPs who aren’t parenting might also enjoy this exploration of spirituality for sensitive youth. After all, we are always reframing and healing our childhood, right? If you didn’t get the prevent depression “pill” as a child, it’s not too late! With your thinking, reactive brain, you can treat and prevent depression right now. 

If you have a deep rut of depression, it takes more than spirituality to treat it, but the science has demonstrated that proven treatment modalities like medication and psychotherapy are SIGNIFICANTLY MORE EFFECTIVE when coupled with a spiritual practice. 

If you could use some support with your spiritual practice, you might really appreciate our mini course: Spirituality and Sensitivity. It’s self-paced, low key, and you do it on your own time. 

We will have a live Q&A as always in the Are You Highly Sensitive Masterclasses. The community looks forward to hearing your thoughts, suggestions, and of course, questions. or you can alwaysand get it for free. 

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