Spirituality and Sensitivity Minicourse

This is a sneak peek into the Are You Highly Sensitive minicourse, Spirituality and Sensitivity. I am Alane Freund, your guide and creator (with Banjo the Sensitive Dog in the background always supporting us.) I hope you will choose to join us for the next 30 days.

This course is not going to feel “mini” as each day’s lesson drops into your inbox. In fact, we have one lesson about the concept of Take what you like and leave the rest. This is a very important lesson for HSPs. When we begin a new project or course, we often start to feel pressured by all the good stuff coming in. 

I think the trick is to remain open. Just read the lesson and then pause and see how it resonates with you. The first day is from Elaine Aron’s teaching of starting a 30 day spirituality journal. So grab a notebook and get ready. 

Every day, I will offer you a gentle journaling suggestion, which is of course, optional. Here is your pre-course journaling suggestion: What is some quote or idea that has inspired you in the past? Maybe that would be a nice title page for your journal. 

Remember that journaling can also include drawing, doodling, clipping something from a magazine, or adding a photo of a spiritual guide or mentor (like my dog, a divinity, or my grandpa who passed many years ago.) Gather your art supplies and keep them nearby if that is your way. 

This course, this journal, and indeed, this journey, are yours. Remember, take what you like and leave the rest, but above all take your time and be gentle with yourself. 

There is no such thing as getting behind because you will have this course as long as you want or need it. Think of the emails as reminders. You can even forward the reminder to yourself to see it next time you open your email. There is no deadline or time pressure. 

That said, I do like to commit myself to a spiritual practice. It’s like joining a new gym. Capitalize on this new commitment. I do it once or twice a year… renew my commitment to spiritual practice (or an exercise program). It helps me create the reset I am seeking in my life. It helps me prioritize my mental health, something that can fall by the wayside when busy life or overwhelm takes over.

Above all, there is no RIGHT way to embrace spiritual practice. I hope you will find in this carefully curated array of practices one or two gems that will become part of your daily life. If you do, I promise you will experience a lighter soul, improvement in your own mental health, and renewed hope for your future. 

I’m not actually an optimist, you see. These promises come from my own experience, strength, and hope on a sometimes wobbly, often inconsistent, but always heartfelt spiritual path.

Many blessings on your journey. I can’t wait to see what you say in the comments and hear what works for you. 

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And with three conscious breaths, I send you off. 

Bon voyage,


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