You think you got stress?

The day after Thanksgiving, searching for a lost Apple pencil in my parents’ couch, we uncovered a nest of Fiddleback Spiders (aka Brown Recluse). Yep, poisonous spiders, and one literally crawled over my 21 year-old son’s bare foot. Talk about holiday stress!

How do we manage holiday stress, family B.S., poisonous spiders, and our PROFOUND NEED FOR PEACE AND WELL-BEING?

“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” (link to song)

It’s true, we have to be the agent of our own peace. Let it begin with YOU.

Between holiday stressors, winter’s approach, and the noticeably less natural light, I find myself needing an active pursuit of inner and outer peace.

I fully embrace the concept of Hÿgge, as practiced and perfected by the Danish people. Hÿgge is a key to creating the internal peace we need to manage holiday stress. Meik Wiking’s book, The Little Book of Hÿgge, inspires me to recognize and pursue little moments. Baked apples anyone?

Healthy HSP Holidays require a lot of boundaries and clear communication, but we can also prevent stress and overwhelm by finding what feels good (Hÿgge)–and putting it into our family rituals, now, in preparation for the longest night that is coming (and frankly, it’s here.)

Family Rituals Build Love, Structure, Peace, and Joy

Stringing popcorn stands out as a beloved family ritual in my holiday memories. Family rituals loom large at holidays. I’m sure you can spew out 5 or 6 holiday rituals without much trouble: Santa works a certain way (link here), family dinner at 6:30 pm while watching Wheel of Fortune, tweaking the candles so they fit in the menorah because size matters, and there is too much variety. (Oops, sorry, those are my specific memories.)

Were family rituals more present in our childhoods than they are in today’s families? I think so.

Rituals are key to creating belonging in any group. Friends and families have rituals, but so do fraternities and gangs. The key is this:

YOU have the power to create and hold the family rituals you value. Doing so will impact all family members for the rest of their lives.

Rituals might be: 

  • Weekly: Pizza on Fridays.
  • Monthly: Special parent-child dates. 
  • Annually: Latkes with the neighbors or a bake sale to fundraise for the local toy drive. 

Rituals can be rites of passage for certain birthdays: When you turn 5 you get to take out the trash or when you turn 13 you can pierce your ears.

When we create family rituals, we shape family culture and embrace rhythm and routine, the HSP R&R. Rhythm and routine are key to sensitive families thriving which is why we are having a whole workshop on the topic. Check us out at Are You Highly Sensitive, Friday, December 16, 2022. (link here)

Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

Listen to a short talk on it.