This is the quintessential HSP birthday song, isn’t it? 

It’s My Party (Lesley Gore 1963), or for the young crowd, Melanie sampled It’s My Party and made Pity Party in 2015.

It’s My Party came out the year before I was born, but my highly sensitive parents, both born in 1940, raised me on music from their youth (the 1950s and 1960s) which is why I often name blogs and workshops after music lyrics!

I can’t say that I have enjoyed very many parties in my life as an introverted, highly sensitive person. And yet, I still wish I enjoyed them!

Who wants a birthday party anyway? 

Me, sometimes, at least  as long as it is on my own terms. At this point in my life I think I’ve learned to carefully curate and design my party. 

I like lots of time alone and time in nature.

And yet, I also want those I love to reach out to me.

I want to be really healthy as I age another year.

And yet, I want to eat everything I want to eat that is sweet and yummy and indulgent.

I want to stay home and curl up with my book and my dog and cat.

And yet, I want to go to my favorite trails and walk all the labyrinths I know.

I want to veg in front of the television and watch my favorite shows, drinking hot chocolate and hot tea.

And yet, I want to go to Oklahoma and see my parents and help my horse, Taylor, settle into his new home there.

My birthday party is a week long this year… and it might end up being longer.

I started on Saturday with a beautiful walk on the beach in Point Reyes National Seashore.

Sunday, I had a massage with my friend Martyne who is a great body worker and only lives five minutes from my house. On my way home, I walked my local labyrinth.

Monday I went to the JCC and worked out in the gym, enjoyed the pool and the hot tub, sauna, and steam room… and finished the day at my favorite sushi place (San Rafael Kamikaze.)

Tuesday the 15th (that’s today) is my actual birthday. I’ll be going to the beach with my family and hiking up to walk that beautiful Labyrinth on the bluff looking over the Pacific Ocean. We will run the dog on the beach, and on the way home we’ll give him a bath at the pet store. Then we’ll stop to have early dinner on the sidewalk at the little French restaurant local to us. Oh I mustn’t forget flourless chocolate cake at the Labyrinth with a little candle for good wishes… Why chocolate cake at the Labyrinth? Well, you know me – no caffeine after noon!

Wednesday the 16th, we will get on a plane and fly to Oklahoma. That will not be my favorite birthday week day, but it’s a bit of pain for a big reward. It will be Banjo’s first time flying as my service dog. Crossing my fingers that goes well!

Thursday the 16th, I will see my horse Taylor at horsey Nirvana (my mom and dad’s place.) And I will start to help him and my mom become good buddies. He took a plush ride there and arrived Friday night.

And, on Friday, my son Asher arrives in Oklahoma for a week which will be quite the treat since he’s gone to college all year (in Massachusetts).

I’ve learned to define party in any and all ways that I want. And yet I will certainly cry this week because I cry often. I’m a highly sensitive person and a good leader in terms of emotional leadership. I have strong emotions about almost everything. It’s not always convenient, but it’s always a gift.

If you have never cried at your party, you might not enjoy this children’s book that I’m sure the creators made about me! . It’s one of the first I read on YouTube, and as you know, we always hope you will share the content. Thank you kindly.

Birthday blessings from me to you,


Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

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