Living with high sensitivity at work, parties, family events, aka places where we have to advocate for ourselves and practice radical self care before, during, and after requires us to be ON…maybe more than we feel we can manage most days.

You can do everything you need to do in your life and work. Did you know that? However, you may have to reassess your needs. I promise you need more time off, more self-care, more exercise, more meditation, more walks in nature, more breathwork, and above all, more time alone. “How?” you ask. “How do I fit it all in?” I want to assure you that if you can’t fit it in–if you really can’t–something has to give. Many times in my life, I have become ill or injured and been forced to take a step back. Will you wait for that? 

My dear ones, I ask of you that you take a very serious look at your life. It’s more than my trademarked, “Backwards Scheduling” technique. It requires a very careful analysis of every minute of your week. Take one week and treat time like calories on a diet. Write down every single thing you do and at what time—down to the minute. Don’t try to change anything for this week of experimentation. This is about AWARENESS, the first of the three A’s. If one week isn’t enough or you aren’t able to do it fully, take another week. This is the most important tool for learning about your life’s overwhelm. 

When you have each of the seven days fully documented, go back and review it. Just really look at it and see what you notice. Next step, write yourself a letter about what you have seen. Make sure you really see what IS. This is a huge project and will set you up for moving into acceptance. Acceptance is based in love. The best way to work on this is through your spiritual practice. If you need guidance, let’s talk. 

I bet, if you are overwhelmed, you want it to change NOW. That’s not how change happens. So…patience, young grasshopper. Here is the little diddy I sing for young children, and you can sing it to your young child within: “Be patient, be patient. Don’t be in such a hurry. When you get impatient, you only start to worry. Remember, remember, I’m impatient, too, and think of all the times that others have to wait on you.” I’ll maybe sing it for you one day. ?

You will be amazed by the secret recipe for change success, but I’ll give it to you right now: If you thoroughly comprehend and embrace both Awareness and Acceptance, the Action will happen automatically. Yes, that’s right, you will experience the change of ACTION with ease. Money back guarantee. ? Just kidding, I can’t afford refunds, but I’ll help you make it so. 

HSPs are known to be the most valued employees. The research backs this. Even in Rhesus Macaque monkeys, the 20% who are highly sensitive will become the leaders in their community if they are raised with skilled parenting. Now is the time to become the skilled parent you needed as a child and you still need today.

For those of you who are new to my blog, please don’t worry, I’m not always so serious. But do know that my commitment to helping highly sensitive people find their sweet spot and thrive is very serious.

Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

Listen to a short talk on it.