What did self care look like for you yesterday? What would you like it to be in the next 24 hours? Go ahead and write it down now. Writing down our goals or intentions at least doubles the likelihood that we will realize them.

For me in this next 24 hours:

1. I will walk twice when it’s not already going to happen anyway… maybe on a phone call and an extra around the block so it’s outdoors. I’ll be sure to push hard for 20 seconds to raise my heart rate one time. (If it feels good, I might do it more than once, but I’m only going for one because it feels manageable.)

2. I will lay down on the floor and stretch and do one core strengthening exercise (I’m having low back pain.)

3. I will close my eyes 5 times today for between 10 seconds and 10 minutes each.

I’m very active, so these are extra. My intention is to be aware that I am nurturing myself when I make these choices. Call it mindful self care or mindful self compassion. A commitment to self care is my way of working in that realm of inner compassion. I’m working on turning kindly and lovingly toward the vulnerable places within.

Sometimes it’s easier to ignore that me… to forge ahead and just get things done. I wonder if you can relate. Would you sometimes rather ignore the tender places within? Wish they would disappear or at least take a step back and let you live like “normal” people?

Highly sensitive people, instead, you get to embrace those parts of you. Be careful not to use your empathy to always take care of others before yourself. Especially you moms out there.

Emotional Leadership has to include embracing our tender, vulnerable, and even, our wounded parts. Turn in and look at them with a soft gaze and a soft heart ❤. That is the inner compassion I wish for you my sensitive ones.

I love threes… they make nice manageable lists, but one is good, too. What will you do today to embrace and honor the you who needs you? If you make 3 intentions, and they don’t all get done, guess what? You can move them to tomorrow’s list or change them. The nice thing about your list and your process? YOU are in charge. And taking charge builds our resilience.




Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

Listen to a short talk on it.