Dads do make the difference in the life of a sensitive child. Do you remember your father? Was he set on toughening you up? Maybe he was a little harsh, but he wanted you to be safe in the world. Some dads weren’t around much, leaving most of the parenting to moms. And some people grew up without a dad at all. How did that affect you as a highly sensitive child? Today’s dads tend to be different, too soft or gentle sometimes. Or sometimes too traditional. They might struggle to find just the right balance for their sensitive children. And a highly sensitive dad can be especially challenged by parenting. Sensitive kids need a Redwood Tree Dad. And families without dads, need non-mom adults in their lives to be the Redwood tree. The primary parent can also be a Redwood tree, but if there is only one mom, it’s not ideal (she has a different job.)

What is a Redwood Tree Dad? He stands tall and strong. His roots are widespread, connecting with all the other trees (mentoring adults) in the child’s life, offering them nourishment and support so they flourish and have all the resources they need to support the child. He sees the overview since he is so much taller than the rest of the forest. His trunk (all that the child can reach, almost all that the child can see) is soooo strong and solid. It is unbendable, unflappable, yet alive and multifaceted. His bark can be used in teas and healing remedies, and it is so beautiful and even soft, as is the floor around his roots, soft and comforting.

Up in the higher reaches, his branches stretch out, providing protecting shade, even protection from the elements. The branches intermingle and overlap with all the other trees’ (adults’) branches, always working together and interacting to support the young family members. The smaller branches and leaves blow and sway in the wind. They are flexible, and they are not easily broken. They make beautiful music as they rattle in the breeze or rub against the other trees.Most of all the Redwood tree gives many gifts and plenty of nurturing, but it always stands strong and tall. Redwood Tree Dads are just what the universe intended for sensitive children, and what’s good for HSCs is good for all children. Everyone is welcome at this masterclass where we will discover, unpack, and tell the story of fatherhood in the lives of sensitive children.

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