I know what to do to take care of my sensitive self, and so do you. But, in the moment…

We forget, or

We freeze, or 

We flee…

I hear this from HSPs all the time, and I have to admit, it makes sense. 

When it’s hard it’s hard, and yet preparation and practice are the keys to adaptability, as I always say.

Michelle Obama teaches us how she learned (from her family) to navigate challenges:

“One of the greatest lessons life has taught me is that adaptability and preparedness are paradoxically linked… 

Preparedness is part of the armor I wear…

Being organized and prepared helps keep the floor feeling more solid beneath my feet.”  Michelle Obama in The Light We Carry (2023)

In this masterclass, I will tell you Michelle Obama’s story from Chapter 9 in her book, The Light We Carry. This lesson, which I also always teach (I am honored to say,) is sprinkled throughout her speaking and writing. 

What is good for highly sensitive people is good for everybody, and without a doubt we long for more adaptability. Well, preparation is the key.

We do hands-on practices in this masterclass, as the title suggests. I will bring three practices, and we will allow the questions to determine more. Having a practice does not mean having the perfect solution or end goal. It’s called a practice because we must always be in training: practicing, learning, opening, and growing. 

As we practice, we don’t become perfect. Rather, we become prepared.

  • HSPs tell me they struggle to keep the rhythm and routine they know will make their lives function better. I have a practice for this. Let’s practice. 
  • Setting limits with family and friends (at work, too) is a key element to thriving with sensitivity. I have a technique to support practicing for this. Let’s practice. 
  • Spinning into overwhelm and maybe anxiety or even panic is something we all know intimately. I have practices to support HSP self regulation. Let’s practice.

Practice, practice, practice. That way you can play well in the game of life as sensitive beings. (Remember, the HSP might not be the star player on the field, but they are often the MVP!)

Prior and proper preparation prevents poor performance and procrastination by preparing people properly. (Quote by Alane Freund riffing on a quote by horse trainer, Pat Parelli.)

Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

Listen to a short talk on it.