If you are a highly sensitive woman in the second half of life, you are part of our Wise Women & Wonder sensitivity circle. Sometimes you might join us in our online circles (1st Sunday of the month, 1pm Eastern time) or in our Are You Highly Sensitive chat circle for WW&W.

I like to think of us all connected by a beautiful thread with which we weave together our sensitivity and wisdom and lives.

Wise Women & Wonder, the first Sunday online circle, has been going strong for over two years now, and some of our regular members have helped me move more strongly toward changes I have been pondering for almost a year (SLOW and DEEP processing, you know.)

I am going to start presenting a curriculum about our developmental stage and the tasks set before us to fully live into the Wise Woman role we are meant to fulfill.

In my studies about this topic (about us) I have learned that 70 is considered the average age for beginning to truly don the cloak of the wise woman. Whether you are right there, or before or beyond, I wonder what you think about that developmental milestone.

This developmental milestone will be the launch of our new curriculum. Throughout, I will be weaving in Jungian theory as well as that of other human development experts. 

Let’s think of the new WW&W as part masterclass-part sensitivity circle. We’ll still have open discussion, but it will be informed by the curriculum. I can’t wait to hear from you about your experience and interests. 

Do you, like me at 58, feel the uncomfortable one foot in/one foot out pull toward the benchmark of 70? Or are you right there on the cusp, noticing the shift in your own life experience? Perhaps you are beyond that shift as many of our members are… is it all sitting beautifully, or are there some little stones in the path tripping you up? Perhaps most importantly: What makes the difference?

Let’s look at this important milestone and what it means in the lifespan of a highly sensitive woman. Please be thinking and noticing and by all means, let us know your experiences in the comments below.

Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

Listen to a short talk on it.