SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY as Highly Sensitive Activism

Sustainability aligns beautifully with a sensitive worldview. Highly sensitive people are born with highly empathy and an exquisite awareness of their environment, including all the beings co-creating and living in the world together. That’s me. I embrace my sensitive awareness by living sustainably in every way I can.

I did not create this concept, and I don’t remember where I first read about Sustainable Economy Community many years ago. It gave me a chill of inspiration to imagine that we could truly sustain every member of our society, culture, and world. I have been experimenting with creating sustainable offerings in my work for several years now.

So what is this thing I call Sustainable Economy Community?

It had to have been imagined into being by a highly sensitive person. It is one kind of Sensitive Activism I practice. 

In a Sustainable Economy, members of a community who can afford to pay a little more support making life, programs, and products more accessible to those who need to pay less. I love it.

Sensitive Activism is important to me, to all of the world. For me it includes accessibility, but also visibility. I am reaching out to every single highly sensitive person in the world with the overarching mission of creating a culture of thriving for sensitive youth.

The Are You Highly Sensitive (AYHS) membership community is also part of my Sensitive Activism. Despite all the business coaching I have ever received, I am keeping the price of AYHS membership LOW. The business professionals say people will think the quality of our masterclasses must be low because they aren’t expensive. I say WHATEVER. I’m offering high quality and keeping it sustainable. In fact, AYHS has a “no-one-turned-away-for-lack-of-funds policy — Yep, we have scholarships: That’s Sustainable Sensitive Activism in action.

I also use Sustainable Economy pricing for masterclasses, retreats, workshops, and Sensitivity Circles.

Guess what? We have lowered the prices of our Sensitivity Circles to help with accessibility in these inflationary times. We have also created an opportunity for those who can or would like to provide a scholarship. We offer a one time circle scholarship for members of the Are You Highly Sensitive community experiencing financial challenges and also for mental health and educational professionals (since they have so much influence over our sensitive youth.) It is all a part of a Sustainable Economy Community.

The tickets have new names: CommunitySustainerSponsor, and Me+One Scholarship. (For some circles, there is a lower level Scholarship ticket when the circle is larger.) The Sustainer ticket is the one that would pay a fair wage if everyone used it, and I have lowered the sustainer amount to $85 from the previous $100 in order to help be more accessible as we enter an era of higher inflation. This means the Community level has decreased to $60. 

I’m a believer that our HSP community is committed to Sustainability. It is, after all, about empathy. Over the years I have been practicing this system, it has not quite evened out sustainably. However, it does work because once in a while, someone will make a larger donation to the scholarship programs, and the magic balancing happens.

For the sake of transparency, standard pricing in my profession for a small group led by an experienced, licensed psychotherapist is $90-100 for a 75-90 minute group when the group is 6-9 members, and then the time is shorter for a smaller group since each person gets more time. I’m pricing a bit lower here to support my HSP community.

Thank you for reading this far. Please know that I am living and working in service to HSPs. I am especially focused on parents of sensitive children and youth. This is where we can truly make a difference in our world. The more we design environments that honor sensitivity, the better our kids will thrive. And remember, what is good for sensitive youth is great for everyone.

You are the world-changers. Please join me because I am too. Change the world today by joining us at AYHS and signing up for a Sensitivity Circle…

If you aren’t quite ready to join, you can help the Are You Highly Sensitive outreach mission by watching and sharing an AYHS YouTube video: Maybe this one (click here to watch.)

Blessings and breath,


Wondering if you are highly sensitive?

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